IVF Journey #2 - Success


The Day

my life changed - “For-ev-ER… For-ev-ER… For-ev-ER” - Squints

After our IVF Journey #1 - This time around I was going to take birth control to make sure I got my lovely Aunt Flow on time. I was not going to deal with the waiting game anymore. For once in life I actually wanted my period. If that little lady wasn’t going to show up on time I was going to force her too.  I also started to meditate a lot more. I would meditate in the mornings with my jade and rose quartz stones. I had a family friend give me a prayer card that I would pray to every morning. I am not a religious person. Don’t get me wrong I am open to everyone's religion and beliefs. But for me saying a prayer was a new thing. This time around I was going to do anything and everything to make this baby stick! Like for real. Looked into how to make a nice thick uterine wall for this guy to make a home. Ate best foods to help enhance my uterus. I went to a chakra clearing class to prepare my body.  I did breathing exercises. The Calm app became my best friend. I even made Nick to do the breathing with my on the way to UIHC for the transfer.

Nile’s first photo. Isn’t he cute!

Nile’s first photo. Isn’t he cute!

We got there and went through the whole getting your baby from a door in the wall thing again. This time though I was much more relaxed. I made Nick bring in his pocket the jade and rose quartz stones along with the prayer card. The doctor gave us a paper with a photo of our embryos and one circled and said this is good embryo.  Strong. So we went with his pick and they transferred the little guy and once again we left and went about our normal day.

Side note.  There are so many things that you have to do with IVF no one mentioned to me.  For starters you have to sit down and have some real life conversations. Conversations about your unborn children. Should one of you die what do you want done with the embryos? Should both of you die what do you want done with the embryos?  Oh one I never thought of before when we are unfreezing your embryo for transfer day do you give us permission to unfreeze another embryo should the first not thaw property. Cough. Cough. I am sorry did you say my kid might not thaw properly so you would have to toss him or her aside and start thawing the next one out? Science you are a magical but at the same time kind of disturbing thing. After our 2nd transfer we 3 embryos chilling on ice at UIHC that we pay rent for each year.  It is like we already have a kid going to school at UI and we’re paying their rent. ;)

A couple days after the transfer I was walking into Target. Target the store that turns running a quick errand to a 2 hour shopathon.  And I felt some major cramping. Major. I didn’t feel this with the first transfer so I was hoping it was good news. I didn’t even tell Nick about it. I was so incredibly superstitious and not talking about possibly being pregnant I didn’t say anything those 10 days we wait to take the pregnancy test. I didn’t even tell NIck that I was craving McDonalds.  Yeah MickeyDs all. I first off hate McDonalds. But for some reason it is all I wanted. In fact the day before the test I had a quarter pounder meal. Weird AF! So I knew something was up. There were a couple other little things along the way that I would tell my Mom about and she would say you are pregnant I just know it. Friday, January 26th Nick and I once again met at the brewery to listen to the voicemail. The second the nurse started talking I knew it.  We were pregnant! Holy schnikes it worked! Now what….

*Because I am superstitious person we don’t have any photos or videos from our second round. The first IVF transfer I recorded everything. This time I was doing complete opposite and not recording anything. That would be why this post has no photos. I only let Nick to the above video because I knew I was pregnant.